Contrary to most cosmetics and skin care products the market introduction of the 3in1 product line was not driven by marketing gurus, extensive focus group testing, or heavy advertising. In this case the company was encouraged, even pressured by thousands of satisfied users, who were frustrated that it was not available to the general public, but rather only to doctors and nurses as a premium and promotional item.

Hundreds of people who actually have used the lotions have written unsolicited letters with rave reviews. In fact, some of these letters are so enthusiastic, that even the test personnel and doctors took a second look. Frequent users of the lotion adamantly claim that it helped alleviate, and in some instances cure their disorders.

Encouraged by such positive responses and requests, we developed an entire line of skin care products. IMS and its affiliated companies developed the Three in One product line and manufactures them in Israel under strict supervision of our chemists and production managers. Unlike other cosmetic products, the guidelines and production standards we adhere to are the same as for medical products. The lotions and cleansing products undergo a rigorous testing procedure undertaken by dermatologists, chemists, and other highly qualified personnel mostly in Europe.

The most beneficial effect of this skin care line is for people who must wash their hands frequently and those who have sensitive skin and/or skin disorders.