Our shipping is a flat rate of $15 inside the contiguous United States.

This includes tracking and insurance.

Obviously this makes ordering our "cases" of twelve bottles more cost effective than ordering single bottles of lotion.

Custom Orders

In the past we have been very happy to swap out some pump bottles in a case for other pump bottle products. This gives our customers the option to order Hand Lotion, Body Lotion and/or Shower Gel whilst enjoying the "case discount".

We are happy to keep doing this. Either send us a note whilst filling out the online order process or call us on 773-583-0302 and place a telephone order.

My Order arrived Damaged!

We pack our orders with great care but sometimes there are unforeseen accidents. These experiences have taught us that it is important to have tracking and insurance on all of our shipments.

If your order has obvious damage please try to take photographs and if possible hold onto the box until the damage is put right.

If some of the order is not damaged then you may only need to have some of the items replaced. Try to record and photograph the damage to the product.

You can the contact either us (see the contact bar on this website) or the shipper of your package.

The problems are usually easily put right and we are happy to help you in any way we can.